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Since 1999 Jackie Queally, an established author-guide, Celtic Trails offer unique, authentic tours of Ireland and Scotland. Jackie knows both countries very well including a deep knowledge of the most spiritual ley lines in Scotland and Ireland. These ley lines connect many sacred sites that are often off the beaten track in Scotland and feature in her Knights Templar location and sacred geometry tours of the UK. To accompany these unique tours she has written many deeply spiritual guides and books including books on Rosslyn Chapel Scotland and other Scottish Templar sites, books on ley lines and books on the magical Burren in Ireland

♥ Explore sites that medieval knights, early Christian monks and more ancient civilizations inhabited!

♥ Walk the land and realise how that which you notice outside of you is reflecting and connecting with a part of you deep inside! This is a form of slow tourism whereby you appreciate more and meet more on your journey.

♥ Explore sites that medieval knights, early Christian monks and more ancient civilizations inhabited! Learn the significance of ley lines that these sites share, and even try dowsing these energy lines.  They form part of hidden patterns of sacred geometry across the land. 

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ancient tree in Roslin Glen

Lord of the Rings was here!

beech tree roots in Scottish Higlands

A fairy home!

Doonagore Castle facing Aran Islands

The Fairytale Castle on the Atlantic

After meditating in Wallace's Cave

Spiritual light rays blessed our meditation at the end…

some of Europe's oldest cairns

One of Ireland’s many ancient monuments

Over the years Jackie has received countless testimonials and recommendations in well known travel guides. She can offers a variety of useful services:

  • Guided tours of some of the most sacred sites, Knights Templar locations and sacred landscapes in Scotland or Ireland.  In addition: Portugal, Rennes Le Chateau or Southwest EnglandTours focus on a few key areas in each country to minimize driving and maintain a relaxed state that will maximize your experience of the energies and qualities at the sites.  On private tours (or as add-ons for group tours) sound healing or shamanic journeying is available with highly experienced local practitioners
  • Individualized audio files or travel notes which are proving very useful for travellers who seek out the significant yet often lesser known sites on their vacations.
  • a variety of in-depth spiritual guide books to Rosslyn Chapel near Edinburgh, and the Burren in Ireland. These guides will greatly enhance your visit to this must-see site. Long recognized by Rosslyn Chapel where the main guide can be bought. Much of the knowledge was known to early Christian monks and a later inner core of Knights Templar. We also have created photography books that accompany Jackie’s poems, inspired by the beauty of  nature.
  • Unique online and offline media presentations to inspire you, that present an overview of the sites, and how they are intrinsically linked to one another via a spiritual pattern of ley lines. ” The earth grid around Rosslyn Chapel and the internal patterns of leys demarcated by specific carvings were a treasure to see.”
Beaghmor Circle Northern Ireland

Celtic Trails visit to Beaghmor Stone Circle

Enjoy one of her tours in Ireland including tours and retreats in the Burren in Co Clare/Galway, southern Ireland where she lives. The Burren is Ireland’s most sacred landscape for many.

Her latest books “Spirit of the Burren”, Essence of the Burren and the Burren Trails provide invaluable insights and reference to these tours. BUY HERE

If you would like a talk/presentation in your area on the spiritual energies behind the ley lines and earth grids, especially in relation to Rosslyn Chapel or the Burren-

please contact JACKIE with your interests in mind. She looks forward to hearing from you and will e-mail you after receiving your enquiry form.

Alternatively call her on 00353 834117498 (Ireland but also used in UK).

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